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March 18, 2009

A Very Tempting Toy

I received a few texts from Maxis on my mobile on their latest offer on the IPhone3G. Finally, it's in the country. A few colleagues of mine purchased these little toys at RM2800 at the Apple Centres but now we can get for a fraction of the price with the Maxis IPhone 3G Plan!


My average monthly bill is about RM250 a month, so I would qualify for 3 out of 4 plans Maxis is offering. And for the 8G phone, I can get it for as low as RM1490 with a monthly commitment of RM250, which is about how much I pay every month anyway.

Errrrrr... But my BB is not even a year old.

And I love the Qwerty keyboard compared to a touch-screen menu. Plus, if I were to get the IPhone, I would have to be extra careful with it since its a lil more fragile than a BB Curve. I remembered when I dropped my BB without its holster one night, on a cemented pavement. Ouch!
The screen was scratched and I was upset about it for a couple of days. I can't imagine how it'd be with an IPhone. I think I would need double, triple protection for it to avoid anything like that happening.

(Here I am convincing myself that I don't need a new phone :p)

Maxis website

Anyway for those who purchased this phone from Maxis, lucky you!

Because for now, me & my BB are quite happy :)


Mrs LVoe said...

;-) dear, we stick the old ones yea.

calla_lily said...

Mrs LVoe: Yes, let's be loyal to our current ones :)

naza said...

go for it sweetie..i can't be apart wif my new toy..luv it to the fullest and it's superb too!