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March 19, 2009

50 X or More

I had a 2 1/2 hour meeting just now to finalize a few mitigation plans for risks owned by my SVP.
And there was Mr. T, one of those we called to join in to gather some of his inputs on this matter... and during the meeting, I noticed something about him.

In almost every sentence that comes out from his mouth, he would slit in the word 'actually'!

"Actually.. this.. bla.. bla.."
"It's not like that, but actually... bla.. bla.."
"I think actually it needs... bla bla.."

Aahhhh! After the first hour I got tired of his actuallys!

I think if I were to count each and every one, I would say he mentioned 'actually' about 50 plus times!
I hope I won't have to attend another meeting with Mr. Actually. But I'm afraid that I will have to in the follow-up meeting. I think it's scheduled next month.


Roz Razalli said...

hi... been a silent reader to your blog before...

I just like to add what these corporate people (also gomen!) like to say zillion times in their presentation (or speaking aloud)... "Basically"!!! Man, even mat saleh from Ireland noticed what Malaysians like to say... hahaha.. funny!

a.k.a lollipop said...

ooohhh..i have found "mr anyway"...hahahaha..

calla_lily said...

Roz: Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Guess they think that by adding the word basically it sounds better.. hehe

Lollipop: hehehe we should get them together and see who should win the title :P