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September 25, 2010


I thought I was gonna start writing again, (referring to my previous post), but I didn't.
I could have found the time, but the mood to blog hasn't really kicked in yet :p

Anyway, I'm back in KL!!

Touched down in KUL on Monday nite. Emirates was my airline of choice this time. Route I took was JFK-DBX-KUL since the flight's layover is the shortest - 2 1/2 hours since I travelled alone. Hubby is busy with work and can't follow me home plus PM and our Agong is in NYC, and he needs to be around.

Right now it's 6:10 a.m. I've been awake since 4 a.m. Still not adjusted to Malaysia time zone. urgh. I'm hungry at odd times and my sleep pattern is still haywire. I'm super hungry now.

So far since I got here, I had lontong, nasi with lauk-lauk Melayu, roti canai, maggi goreng, duku langsat.. Next on list: mee goreng mamak. Can I have that for breakfast today? Hungryyy.

August 14, 2010

2 months hiatus!

It's been quite long since I last blogged.

I think since I last wrote:

1. Hubby and I made a business/leisure trip to Boston, went up to Maine to have big, fat, fresh lobsters and made a few more trips to NYC....
2. I spent a whole 10 days with my bestie in Chicago while hubby flew back to Malaysia & HK for business...
3. Got a birthday surprise from hubby - a dinner cruise on Odyssey...
4. Celebrated 4th of July watching fireworks in D.C (which was also my birthday weekend!)
5. Moved to a new apartment - on the 26th floor with a view of D.C...
6. Did I miss anything? Maybe I did, 2 months is a long time!

June 16, 2010

Cheesecake & Movies

Here I am eating a piece of cheesecake, waiting for hubby to come home.

The Brazil vs. North Korea much was disappointing. Although it was a 2-1 game, I still think Brazil could have played better. Hoping for a better match against Ivory Coast.

I was chatting with my friend just now, and we're thinking about another movie date sometime next week. We watched Sex & the City 2 together and another chick flick is always tempting. Always better to watch with the laydees. No offence to hubby dearest, you're still my favorite movie date ;)

Should I have Haagen Dazs Java Chip ice cream now?

Oh no, I'm eating too much!

June 4, 2010

Sun & Sea

I've been meaning to write, but always end up not writing because of my l.a.z.i.n.e.s.s.
But anyhow, here I am writing because it's 8:50 p.m. and hubby's on a conference call with Malaysia.
Last weekend was Memorial Weekend here, so we spent it in Ocean City Maryland. Beach weekend was great as the weather was warm and just perfect for it. We also took a drive up to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, about half an hour away. 2 beaches in one weekend = purrfect.
One thing about the state of Delaware is that there is no sales tax! A good reason to do more shopping! So we headed to Tanger Outlet and spent a few hours there and came back with a few shopping bags including a new pair of bikini for me. heh

And the other thing about the sea that you can't offered to miss is..... seafood! And the most popular here are crabs! So that's what we did. We had crabs and calamari twice during the 2 nights we were there.
This is where we had our lunch, before we left for D.C. Yum!
Ocean City would definitely be a place we would go again this summer.

May 23, 2010

This Might Interest You!

I have new COACH items for sale, managed to get good deals during the recent Mother's Day sale :) (bags are all in KL now)..

Email me at for any inquiries!

May 19, 2010


As my hubby and I are currently residing in the east coast, I presumed that the weather was gonna be a lil warmer, and I packed some light clothing with the aim to enjoy a lil bit of the sun. It was about 10 deg. Celsius in D.C. at that time. (Although hubby has checked the forecast beforehand and said the weather was gonna be chilly, but there I was hoping for it to not be :p) But of course, we went prepared.

But it was just about the same. The flight took us about 5 1/2 hours to reach one of the big cities in California. Picked up our rental car, and we were on our way. The 2 things I wanted to revisit was definitely the Golden Gate and Fisherman's Wharf; and we did.
Pier 39 - one of the tourist attractions here. a must go.

We had lunch at a seafood restaurant overlooking the marina. Beautiful.

Golden Gate


The sea lions port on Pier 39.

Street performance

Good seafood can be found here.

Cafes along the road....

Here's a short video of the sea lions - we took a 60 min cruise around San Francisco. They took us around Alcatraz, Golden Gate and Bay Bridge (the sister bridge of Golden Gate) Oh how glad I had my jacket with me, it was freezing!

Ohh.. one other thing about the west coast, it's only a 18-hour flight back to Malaysia :p
I had fun in San Francisco!

May 12, 2010

The City that Never Sleeps

I know I haven't been updating much. Been busy! This domestic goddess is busy learning how to run the house!

I am now learning the ropes on how to be a wife - the cooking, the cleaning, the decorating... and it's also my first time operating machines - the washing machine, blender, oven etc (oops, not proud of it, but that's d reality, i've always had my bibik a.k.a maid to do all d stuff and my darling mom is always around)

And yes, I'm learning how to cook too! I do it at least 3 times a week :) Simple stuff, really.

Anyway, the past April, we've been traveling quite a bit. We were in San Francisco, CA and was in NYC twice. Nobody can have too much of New York :) And of course, we drove up to Woodbury Commons when we were in NY (on both trips, of course), coz it's the BEST place to shop!!

At Times Square, Manhattan

@ HRC New York

At our apartment, just a few blocks from 5th Ave :)

5th Ave - I took a walk when hubby had to attend a conference that day, just 10 mins and I'm at the shopping haven!

My trip to 'Frisco will be in my next post!

May 11, 2010

Vanilla Frapp

My favorite drink for now is THIS.
I'm no coffee addict, but this one is really good.

I need a coffee fix.

April 15, 2010

Cherry Blossoms Everywhere

The Cherry Blossom Festival is gathered by many from all over the country. And this year, I get to attend this too! There were over hundreds species of cherry blossoms or the 'sakura', and there were probably 3000 over trees around the Tidal Basin.

Simply beautiful. Most of them were in the softest shade of pink. You can find white ones too.

The time we went the flowers are almost in full bloom and by now the trees should already be all green. There were lots of people and the weather was purrfect!

The next time anyone plans to come to DC, plan it around the end of March to first week of April so u get to catch this event!

I'm craving for them!

Before we leave the country for the States, my beautiful friends treated us to two dinners.. at Opus in Bangsar and then at Fatty Crab, Taman Megah. I was just transferring the pics from my camera to my MacBook.. and I was just thinking to myself how good these crabs are. Goodness. How I wish I can have some NOW!

Thanks guys for the wonderful treat. Anyone knows Fatty Crab's secret recipe? haha Don't we all wish we had it!

I've been cooking just a bit since we got here. Nothing too complicated tho. I'm a newbie remember? Sometimes I just use the packet stuff a.k.a Brahims :p

I made bolognese today. Quite good if you ask me... I used Prego :)

Hubby's coming home soon.


April 9, 2010

It's 8pm on a Wet Thursday Nite

It's only 8, but I'm already sleepy.

It must be the weather. It hasn't rained since I got here, and tonight it looks like its gonna be a chilly and windy night. It's about 13 degrees celsius outside, but it's d wind chill that makes it extra chilly.

I decided to shut the window because the wind was pretty strong and right now I'm under the covers planning to watch Entourage. I've watched 4 episodes of Season 1 earlier today. The show's alright, but nothing great. My current favorite that tops my list is still Gossip Girl. heh

Wait, The House Bunny is on Encore. I think I'll watch this instead :p

April 8, 2010

Can't ask for More

My Big Day....

This is when both of us decided to take the next step...

It was the happiest day of my life.....

My Tiffany & Co. round brilliant channel-set diamond ring.. thanks sayang..

5 March 2010 opens a new chapter to both our lives...

April 6, 2010

Half Way Across the Globe

It's been ages since I last blogged. More than a month definitely. I was bogged down with work, wedding planning, post-wedding stuff - the packing, the visiting, the farewell dinners, family stuff etc.

I'm now in Washington D.C. We left Malaysia on the 31st, early Wednesday morning at 2:55 a.m. The 25 hour flight was tiring but Qatar's entertainment system was above the mark. Better than MAS if you ask me.

New life.
New place.
New role as a wife.

Still adjusting and getting the hang of it. Except the cooking and the other domestic stuff :P

I love it so far :)


February 17, 2010

Last Day for the Year

Today's my last day at work!


But I still need to come to the office to return my laptop :p
I've got to arrange my files before I transfer them to my new external hard drive. (Just bought one last week) heh

Oh yeah... and a few lunch dates next week... I know how much they're gonna miss me hehe
I'm gonna miss them too :(

February 11, 2010

54.9 inches??

The winter in D.C has been so bad this time round. Fiance took 3 hours to shovel snow from his car a few days ago! Now D.C has broken it's record of 54.9 inches snow.

The 3 major airports in Washington D.C were closed due to this. And the weather man did mention that this 'snowzilla' would continue until Monday :(

Good thing fiance is traveling in the West Coast to attend a few meetings with his clients. He just flew into L.A from San Fran a while ago.

Hope everything will be under control before he flies back to D.C.

February 9, 2010

A-Z of These Few Weeks

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time.
Besides 2-3 liners, I haven't shared much.

I've been very busy, obviously. With wedding preparations, my work, leave, sorting out other related stuff, etc.

That reminds me, I need inform Lake Club that I will be out of the country for a year, if not I'll be paying monthly membership fees when I won't be using the facilities at all.

Unpaid leave has been approved. My last day is on the 18th of February. It feels rather sad leaving my colleagues. But of course, not having to wake up at 6:30 am everyday to make it to work at 8 is total bliss! :p

For the past few weeks, my days have been exceptional longggg.
So much to do. Not enough rest.

The wedding invitation are out, and all my guests are suppose to RSVP by the 14th. So that's done until the 14th that is.

Fiance's coming back in 2 weeks time. Yeay! So will little sis, who will be back on the 24th.

My baju's 50% done, fiance's baju for nikah and the reception will be tailor made on the 22nd once he arrives. I've informed Salikin Sidek countless times on this and he promise me 2 baju's for him for our Wedding Day. Insyallah, everything would go well.

My wedding shoes for the reception is another story. I'm still contemplating whether I should make them at Salikin Sidek or not. The easiest would be to have him do mine. At least that's off my shoulder.

We haven't had time to think about our honeymoon, although fiance would love it if we could go to Bali before we head back to the US. Hope we will be able to slot us some time for that - so that's another thing to discuss besides the 1001 other things :P

Our trip back to the US has been confirmed. We're flying by Qatar on the 31st of March - one of the few airlines that flies to DC, instead of New York.

So Kuala Lumpur - Doha - Washington D.C it is.

I'll stop here for now. Too many things on my mind, and I'm just writing whatever that crosses my mind.

Till my next post then.

January 28, 2010

The Little Blue Box

I am so excited!!


January 20, 2010

Snap Snap

Met up with Kaseh, one of the videographers recommended by a friend of mine.. there are persuading me to take them as my photographers as well...
Still thinking... I've made my booking with Custom Picture. Kaseh promised to give me a better price for the same package... very tempting :)

Another thing it would be easier... I only need to deal with one party....

Custom Picture?


January 8, 2010

I Can't Ask For More

I am thinking about putting my wedding ticker up.

It's less than 2 months to my Big Day! Goodness, how time flies.

Mr. H is now starting to plan his trip back home, prolly 2 weeks before the wedding I think. But of course, if he were to come back sooner, I'd be more than happy :) I know that's stretching it a bit, he has to work to feed his wife-to-be right? hehe

I'm still getting used to the title Mr. H's fiance, and now I'm gonna be his wife soon. Excited, nervous, I'm having all sort of feelings but I can't be happier! Looking forward to better days, insyallah.

And yes, I've been repeating this to my mom since I got engaged... "Mommy, bila nak visit?"
It would be hard to be far away from my parents; starting a whole new life without them nearby, but with Mr. H around, I'm sure everything's gonna be just fine.

To the special people in my life, I love you always.

January 5, 2010

I am Pissed

Is there anything in this world that is PERFECT?

I don't think I complain too much (maybe, I do), but who cares.

I just hate it when people whole grudges and 'ungkit' over the things you've done wrong before.

As so I admit, I made mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes.

And you're not an exception. Come on, who do you think you are??