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December 27, 2008

Shoes Galore

I went to Bangsar Village 2 with a few of my friends yesterday.
We had tea at this cafe right in front of Zara. They served their tea in cute English tea cups. I also had their toasted Mozarella Ham sandwich (i had it with honey mustard), and it was really good.

Before adjourning to Starbucks, I decided to peek into Vincci+ and Aldo to see if there's something I like. I have this craze for shoes this month, I've already gotten myself 4 pairs in Tangs & Metrojaya earlier this month... and there I saw it in Aldo, the black heels I couldn't take my eyes off. But the SA told me they didn't have it in my size anymore. Just my luck.
But I told myself that I would wake up early the next morning just to check out the store in Pyramid, just in case they had it there.

And I'm back from Sunway Pyramid, and guess what, I didn't get the particular shoe, but I got 3 other pairs instead!

Molimoa in Dark Brown
Thetford in Black
Tiznit in Ivory

What a great weekend so far :)

December 21, 2008

Black is the Way to Go

I've finally gotten myself a TV!
I decided on a Sharp Aquos 37" widescreen LCD TV after reading review after review and consulting a number of people who knows about plasmas and LCDs like the back of their hand.
The Aquos that I saw in the showroom came in red, white and of course, the classic black panel.

And the one that fits perfectly to my needs and liking, and of course my budget too, is this little baby!

Now I can watch my favorite TV shows in the comfort of my own room.

December 17, 2008

My little e-store

I've just updated some new stuff in my e-store.

Did I tell you I had one? it's nothing big actually, just something I do in my free time. Currently, I have some items from Victoria's Secret (I simply love their body mists to bits!), and a few items brought in from Australia. These includes fashion pieces for women and the their little kiddos too.

There's still more to come, do drop by my e-store whenever you feel like doing a little shopping.

For a Christmas present maybe? :)

December 13, 2008


This is my favorite corner (well, it's not really a corner actually) of my room. This was the single seater I got myself at Macy's last month or was it October? This piece I got together with my TV cabinet, which I'm not gonna show now, since I haven't gotten myself a TV yet. My curtains are from Macy too. I think their stuff are reasonably prices and are actually quite nice.
But my favorite store is still Harvey Norman. I got my other stuff for my bedroom here - my bed and bedside tables. If you're into modern contemporary, you can find loads of nice stuff here.

The other thing I need to add in my bedroom (besides a TV) is some art work. I'm thinking of maybe 3 small dark framed ones above my headboard. I haven't made up my mind what yet. But I'm thinking probably flowers.

Maybe calla lilies.

December 1, 2008

Pinky Winky

This bag is so pretty! It's been quite a while since I got myself a pink bag. The last time was an Esprit, I think, which I got for really cheap in Melbourne some time ago.

I love handbags and I'm sure every female I know does.
Shall I? Shall I not?

Iressistable.. but I know I can't be spending on bags now. I'm suppose to save up for a TV!

It's not really new, and I'm pretty sure they don't have it in stores anymore.

But on the bright side, my $$$ is saved this time. Pheww.