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May 23, 2010

This Might Interest You!

I have new COACH items for sale, managed to get good deals during the recent Mother's Day sale :) (bags are all in KL now)..

Email me at for any inquiries!

May 19, 2010


As my hubby and I are currently residing in the east coast, I presumed that the weather was gonna be a lil warmer, and I packed some light clothing with the aim to enjoy a lil bit of the sun. It was about 10 deg. Celsius in D.C. at that time. (Although hubby has checked the forecast beforehand and said the weather was gonna be chilly, but there I was hoping for it to not be :p) But of course, we went prepared.

But it was just about the same. The flight took us about 5 1/2 hours to reach one of the big cities in California. Picked up our rental car, and we were on our way. The 2 things I wanted to revisit was definitely the Golden Gate and Fisherman's Wharf; and we did.
Pier 39 - one of the tourist attractions here. a must go.

We had lunch at a seafood restaurant overlooking the marina. Beautiful.

Golden Gate


The sea lions port on Pier 39.

Street performance

Good seafood can be found here.

Cafes along the road....

Here's a short video of the sea lions - we took a 60 min cruise around San Francisco. They took us around Alcatraz, Golden Gate and Bay Bridge (the sister bridge of Golden Gate) Oh how glad I had my jacket with me, it was freezing!

Ohh.. one other thing about the west coast, it's only a 18-hour flight back to Malaysia :p
I had fun in San Francisco!

May 12, 2010

The City that Never Sleeps

I know I haven't been updating much. Been busy! This domestic goddess is busy learning how to run the house!

I am now learning the ropes on how to be a wife - the cooking, the cleaning, the decorating... and it's also my first time operating machines - the washing machine, blender, oven etc (oops, not proud of it, but that's d reality, i've always had my bibik a.k.a maid to do all d stuff and my darling mom is always around)

And yes, I'm learning how to cook too! I do it at least 3 times a week :) Simple stuff, really.

Anyway, the past April, we've been traveling quite a bit. We were in San Francisco, CA and was in NYC twice. Nobody can have too much of New York :) And of course, we drove up to Woodbury Commons when we were in NY (on both trips, of course), coz it's the BEST place to shop!!

At Times Square, Manhattan

@ HRC New York

At our apartment, just a few blocks from 5th Ave :)

5th Ave - I took a walk when hubby had to attend a conference that day, just 10 mins and I'm at the shopping haven!

My trip to 'Frisco will be in my next post!

May 11, 2010

Vanilla Frapp

My favorite drink for now is THIS.
I'm no coffee addict, but this one is really good.

I need a coffee fix.