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February 26, 2009

Burberry Sale

Burberry is having a sale

at Level 3, Bangsar Village II.

It's only for today and it's gonna go on till 8p.m.

There are clothes that range from formal to casual, shoes, wallets, sunnies, belts and handbags too!
I saw a bag that I kinda like - big, black, & leather - it's RM5000 plus, so after less it would be about RM2500.. but I just got myself a lil darling who's not even a few weeks old, and don't intend to splurge anytime yet!!

So for those into Burberry stuff, go check it out!

February 24, 2009

Local Taste Buds

I had quite a number of dinner sessions with Mr. H and some with the company of our friends too. Mr. H doesn't get to enjoy authentic Malaysian dishes very often back in the States, so we more or less ate mostly Asian food. Of course, there is Penang Cuisine and other Asian restaurants there, but nothing beats the local feel, of course.

We went to Muhibbah, TTDI - a place where I tend to go to when he's around. I love their fried calamari a.k.a sotong goreng the most. It doesn't taste like it was soaked in oil like some that I've tried at other restaurants. The other dishes are also tasty.
The herbal tea is one of the things you gotta try. I find it just ok, but it seems like at least one person on every table orders it!

Fatty Crab, Taman Megah - ahh.. one of my favorites restaurants. The chilli crab is simply fantastic! I love dipping toast bread into the gravy... hmmmm.. with the company of great friends that night, we had an awesome time. I think we ordered 5 kati of crabs- not sure how much it is in kilos though. Besides that, the other good stuff we had was the fried rice, chicken wings and 'roti bakar' of course!

I brought Mr. H to Ole-ole Bali in Soho KL @ Solaris Mont Kiara to have a taste of Bali. This was my 3rd time eating at this restaurant, well 2nd in Kiara and I went once in Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid. It was a full house that night, and there was a party going on upstairs, so it was rather noisy and the Balinese music they usually play in the background was barely audible. The food didn't dissappoint me as always, although we ordered a bit too much :p

Borneo Rainforest was the other restaurant we tried. This was my first time, and also for our friends too. Food was tasty! And the ambience was pretty nice. Although Mr. H ordered NZ lamb chop there. I think he had enough of Malaysian food by then :p

what was left from the fried calamari I ordered :P

We then decided to check out the club there as well, the band was quite good but the crowd was not to my liking. But all in all, it was a great nite.

Other than that, Mr. H and I also hung out and makan-makan at KLCC, Pavillion & Midvalley. I think I've gained an extra kilo or two during the last 10 days :p


February 23, 2009

The New T.B

The new Tunku Besar Sri Menanti was appointed in the Balairong Seri in Istana Besar Seri Menanti yesterday.
This was the 3rd ceremony since the last 120 years. The Tunku Besar title was previously held by his father, the current Yang Dipertuan Besar and before that by my late great grandfather.

Congratulations Pai!

February 20, 2009


Let me introduce you to Sabrina....

Coach Op Art Sabrina in Brass/Khaki

Have a great weekend everyone!

February 19, 2009

Lunch Detour

I had lunch at Banquet, Bangsar Village today. An old friend came up to me, what a surprise!
She was with her siblings who I've met several times too. The prettiest set of siblings if you ask me :)

Missy Nizz and I were quite close during uni but we somehow drifted apart as she resides in Ampang Jaya while I'm on the other side of town. Beside occassional social gatherings and raya open houses, we just keep in touch through text messages and Facebook.

Anyway, the detour was to Zara & Aldo. My lunch break is for an hour, but I extended it a bit to an hour an a half :p

I wanted to get work pants at Zara and tried 3 different cuttings, but I only liked one. I thought of getting it in different colors but they only had one last pair in my size - 36. Just my luck.

And then there was Aldo. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but maybe something that catches my eye. And I did! But.... they did not have it in my size :(

Nevermind, I'm thinking about checking out the store in Pavillion tomorrow and maybe peek into Charles & Keith too.

February 18, 2009

Marshmallows Anyone?

Marshmallows for Breakfast.

Mind you, I don't eat marshmallows, but my friends just did right before I bought this book.

I was torn between Koomson's two books, 'Marshmallows for Breakfast' or 'Goodnight Beautiful' and I bought MfB instead because the book's cover was in lilac; which is one of my favorite colors. And when I took this pic, I noticed that it matches my quilt cover too :p

As expected, I am only on page 180 although I've had this book for quite a while. At times I do feel like reading, (like when I decided to buy this book) but most of the time I don't. It's been on my bedside table for almost a week, untouched.

But nevermind, the time will come when I'll pick this book up again. As soon as I finish the second season of Gossip Girl, that is... and I'm almost there.

I got hooked on the show since the first episode of Season 1. Plus I loveee Blair's clothes!

February 17, 2009

Let's Meet Sabrina

I have a new friend, flown in from 12,000 miles away in Mr. H's luggage for his short business trip back in KL.

I shall show pics of her soon!

February 16, 2009

Where is My Rainbow

Have you ever woke up in the morning feeling so down that you feel like staying in bed till the afternoon? I am feeling it now. But yeah, too bad I still have to force myself to work. Urgh.
I woke up at 2:30 a.m. this morning and had trouble going back to sleep. I've been thinking about alot of things, from career, to relationship, to fullfillment of life & above all - what truly makes me happy.

In terms of career, if I was given a choice, I would want to start my own business -a francaise of my own or maybe a boutique or spa, so that I don't have to live paycheck to paycheck like I am now. Rather frustrating at times, but yeah, i don't have much choice at this moment.

Relationship wise, the qualities I look for in a partner - same wavelength, fun, responsible, attractive, (for me at least!) caring, jovial, loving and.... this list could get really longgg
You know how we humans are, nothing is ever enough.

Anyway, then comes the issues that comes along with it - the baggage, family issues, differences in priorities and the sacrifices you have to make throughout the relationship. As we practice the eastern culture and what is also taught in my religion, somehow or rather, it's always in the favor of men.
So, when is a sacrifice too much?
Is is really worth it in the name of love?

Or would it just be easier to be with someone convenient?
Someone you know is not as great, but you know would be less of a hassle to go about being with. Less issues so less headaches.
Someone who would probably be a better bet in the long run?

Mind boggling. For me, at least.

February 12, 2009

At the Strike of One

I just had my lunch.

White rice with lauk ikan bakar with lots of the kuah asam, kangkung goreng and some soup to go with the rice.


I normally eat whatever I want, I'm not on any kind of diet, which I would consider a blessing because eating is something I enjoy. Plus, I'm on a mission to put on more weight! Although there is one thing that I detest - sushi. If I really have to, I'll only eat the top part, that is if it's the shrimp one.

But one thing that I've made a habit to is to always take my supplements everyday and try not miss as much as I can. On weekdays, I don't have time to take them at home (I wake up an hour and 10 minutes before I leave for work which is just enough time for me to reach the office by 8 a.m.)

I have these at work as I take them twice a day:

  1. Usana Bio Mega (fish oil)
  2. Usana Poly C (vitamin C)
  3. Usana Proflavanol (grape seed extract) - as an antioxidant

Other stuff I take at home:

  1. Usana AO Pro
  2. Usana Chelated Mineral
  3. Brand's Innershine Prune Essence
  4. BioLife Proutix - for a healthier gut
  5. a Malaysian brand Probiotics (sorry, can't remember it) - this one doesn't have to be kept refrigerated like the other brands which I find more convenient

I know I have to start exercising again, I've stop going to my yoga classes for almost a year as I was determined to do it on my own - which I failed to. I'm not deciplined enough, I guess!

I need to go to the gym again! At least twice a week! When should I start? Malas nyer!!

February 11, 2009

When I Spoke to Her Last

This is to update from a entry a few months back about a close friend of mine. What made me write this post, is because I just tried calling her to bring her out for lunch or just talk but she didn't pick up, as always.

She has been avoiding me and a few of her close friends for the past few months. My calls were never answered, my texts were replied a day late, and when I tried to ring her in her office, she's not there. It did worry me many times.
Was she sick?
Is she doing OK?

And a few weeks ago, I finally managed to get in touched with her. I called her office, and she picked up.

Our conversation lasted for about 30 minutes, I told her how hard it was trying to contact her and asked her whether everything was OK, and she spilled it all out, finally.

For those not knowing the story of this good friend of mine, she is married to a divorcee with 3 kids all below the age of 9. This is her first marriage and they've been married for almost 2 years.

I don't know her husband that well, I've only met him twice, but judging by the stories she told before, I'm sure she's having a really tough time.

She told me that her husband doesn't bring her out for dinner, shopping or just any outing to catch up on things. The only outing would be to take his 3 kids out and they never go out just the two of them anymore.

And on top of that, she is not allowed to go out with her friends after work as she needs to be home as soon as possible to cook for the kids. He is always out of town for work, so this has been her routine since the got married. Good thing she has a maid, who cleans the house and looks after the kids when she's at work.

She said it got bad after 6 months being married, when he got more insecure, insensible, and just plain mean. She is not allowed to go out as she please, not even talk on the phone with her friends when she's home. She use to frequent the gym when she was single, but now she can't anymore, as her husband doesn't allow her too. Her visits to see her family is also very rare, because her husband forbids her to. There are alot of other things that she told me and I couldn't help but shed a few tears.

Now that she is heavily pregnant, I just hope she'll be strong for the baby. Eventhough, her husband is not very supportive about her first pregnancy and everything else that he is, I hope she realizes that she's always got her friends and families to support her in any way we can and that I'm just a call away..

I just hope things will get better for her...

February 10, 2009

Holiday Mood

Back to work..
I was just told that the next long weekend we are going to have is on the first week of March.. yeay!

I was also told that Air Asia is offering 500,000 free seats for travels around Nov 09- Jan 2010. A bit too far ahead for me, but then again heard the tickets are really cheap. A friend of mine got a return ticket to Bali in December for only 70 Ringgit!! So I was thinking if I can't go, it's not such a big amount to throw away... but..... I can't check out the site! The server's terribly slow! I'm thinking about Bangkok at the mo..

Maybe I'll try later... if the urge is still there, that is! heee~

February 6, 2009

Bikini Girl

I think she's the much talked contestant - even more after yesterday's failed group performance.

They were even talking about her of this morning.

For me, I can be judgemental and say alot of things about her, with her bikini stunt on her first audition plus the atittude during the group performance last night; but then again, I guess she just wanted to create her own identity on the show - something that everyone would remember..

and I think she did!

And one other thing, I think she has a fabulous figure.. she should try modelling!

February 3, 2009

What I Like About Brown

I am obviously not in the mood to work, since this is my second post for the day.
The thing is, I do have a report to submit to the Energy Commission by 5 p.m. tomorrow, but I'm still waiting for the data to be verified by our financial analyst. Hope the lady will email me before the end of the day.

And while waiting, when I should be replying my long list of emails from this afternoon - I will take a few minutes off to fill in with some really good BROWN stuff.

I got 3 items from Bobbi Brown Midvalley the other day. It's my first time trying Bobbi Brown, but the lady at the counter seems pretty friendly, so I decided to try some stuff out.

I got myself a pot of loose powder, a compact foundation and the creamy lipstick in Heather Mauve - one of her newest colors.

My review:

  1. Sheer Finish Loose Powder: This powder does help tone down my oily skin to look much more matte. And I dont have to use my facial blotters as much! Yeay!
  2. Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation: I was a little skeptical at first since the texture of the foundation is very creamy. But once it gets on your skin, voila! It comes out smooth and covers alot of my redness. I like it.
  3. Creamy Lipstick - Heather Mauve: My lips tend to chap often. So when I'm on the go, and I don't have a lip balm in hand, this lippy glides on just fine. Definitely creamy and does not dry the lips. Although I still prefer to put on a layer of my favorite jojoba oil lip balm before the lipstick.

And besides Bobbi, the other thing I like about the color brown is because it's the color of chocolates!! I had a fondue with a few friends at Chocolate Lounge, BV. This dessert definitely gets the endorphins running wild.

What Was In My Handbag Yesterday

There was an article in The Star a few weeks ago about women and their handbags.
So I thought of peeking into mine and listing down the items in my bag.

Here we go.....

From Top Left:

  1. Lumix digicam (only the cover since I was using the camera)
  2. BlackBerry Curve in crimson
  3. Motorola Kazr
  4. Garmin Nuvi 200W
  5. office room key
  6. car key + house key
  7. M.A.C lipstick
  8. Crabtree & Evelyn Jojoba Oil lip balm
  9. Victoria's Secret lip gloss
  10. Max Factor eyeshadow
  11. Vicks
  12. tissues
  13. M.A.C Studio Fix
  14. Coach wallet

An item I have just started to carry around is a hand sanitizer. As you can see it's not in my bag, because I forgot about it and left it in my office. I'm trying to make it a habit to carry it with me. It's really handy when you wanna get a quick bite and you're too lazy to walk to the nearest sink :p