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February 3, 2009

What I Like About Brown

I am obviously not in the mood to work, since this is my second post for the day.
The thing is, I do have a report to submit to the Energy Commission by 5 p.m. tomorrow, but I'm still waiting for the data to be verified by our financial analyst. Hope the lady will email me before the end of the day.

And while waiting, when I should be replying my long list of emails from this afternoon - I will take a few minutes off to fill in with some really good BROWN stuff.

I got 3 items from Bobbi Brown Midvalley the other day. It's my first time trying Bobbi Brown, but the lady at the counter seems pretty friendly, so I decided to try some stuff out.

I got myself a pot of loose powder, a compact foundation and the creamy lipstick in Heather Mauve - one of her newest colors.

My review:

  1. Sheer Finish Loose Powder: This powder does help tone down my oily skin to look much more matte. And I dont have to use my facial blotters as much! Yeay!
  2. Oil-Free Even Finish Compact Foundation: I was a little skeptical at first since the texture of the foundation is very creamy. But once it gets on your skin, voila! It comes out smooth and covers alot of my redness. I like it.
  3. Creamy Lipstick - Heather Mauve: My lips tend to chap often. So when I'm on the go, and I don't have a lip balm in hand, this lippy glides on just fine. Definitely creamy and does not dry the lips. Although I still prefer to put on a layer of my favorite jojoba oil lip balm before the lipstick.

And besides Bobbi, the other thing I like about the color brown is because it's the color of chocolates!! I had a fondue with a few friends at Chocolate Lounge, BV. This dessert definitely gets the endorphins running wild.


Ninie Shops said...

sedapnya nmpak...

calla_lily said...

quite good! altho its a bit too sweet for me.. its not dark choc..