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February 10, 2009

Holiday Mood

Back to work..
I was just told that the next long weekend we are going to have is on the first week of March.. yeay!

I was also told that Air Asia is offering 500,000 free seats for travels around Nov 09- Jan 2010. A bit too far ahead for me, but then again heard the tickets are really cheap. A friend of mine got a return ticket to Bali in December for only 70 Ringgit!! So I was thinking if I can't go, it's not such a big amount to throw away... but..... I can't check out the site! The server's terribly slow! I'm thinking about Bangkok at the mo..

Maybe I'll try later... if the urge is still there, that is! heee~


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owhhhh...its kinda cheap jugak whole family booked it and we got RM145 return to bangkok...alhamdullillah ;) cepat g book g

calla_lily said...

Ye kerr... that's great!
I think I'll wait for the next promo :)