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February 19, 2009

Lunch Detour

I had lunch at Banquet, Bangsar Village today. An old friend came up to me, what a surprise!
She was with her siblings who I've met several times too. The prettiest set of siblings if you ask me :)

Missy Nizz and I were quite close during uni but we somehow drifted apart as she resides in Ampang Jaya while I'm on the other side of town. Beside occassional social gatherings and raya open houses, we just keep in touch through text messages and Facebook.

Anyway, the detour was to Zara & Aldo. My lunch break is for an hour, but I extended it a bit to an hour an a half :p

I wanted to get work pants at Zara and tried 3 different cuttings, but I only liked one. I thought of getting it in different colors but they only had one last pair in my size - 36. Just my luck.

And then there was Aldo. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but maybe something that catches my eye. And I did! But.... they did not have it in my size :(

Nevermind, I'm thinking about checking out the store in Pavillion tomorrow and maybe peek into Charles & Keith too.

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