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February 12, 2009

At the Strike of One

I just had my lunch.

White rice with lauk ikan bakar with lots of the kuah asam, kangkung goreng and some soup to go with the rice.


I normally eat whatever I want, I'm not on any kind of diet, which I would consider a blessing because eating is something I enjoy. Plus, I'm on a mission to put on more weight! Although there is one thing that I detest - sushi. If I really have to, I'll only eat the top part, that is if it's the shrimp one.

But one thing that I've made a habit to is to always take my supplements everyday and try not miss as much as I can. On weekdays, I don't have time to take them at home (I wake up an hour and 10 minutes before I leave for work which is just enough time for me to reach the office by 8 a.m.)

I have these at work as I take them twice a day:

  1. Usana Bio Mega (fish oil)
  2. Usana Poly C (vitamin C)
  3. Usana Proflavanol (grape seed extract) - as an antioxidant

Other stuff I take at home:

  1. Usana AO Pro
  2. Usana Chelated Mineral
  3. Brand's Innershine Prune Essence
  4. BioLife Proutix - for a healthier gut
  5. a Malaysian brand Probiotics (sorry, can't remember it) - this one doesn't have to be kept refrigerated like the other brands which I find more convenient

I know I have to start exercising again, I've stop going to my yoga classes for almost a year as I was determined to do it on my own - which I failed to. I'm not deciplined enough, I guess!

I need to go to the gym again! At least twice a week! When should I start? Malas nyer!!

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