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February 18, 2009

Marshmallows Anyone?

Marshmallows for Breakfast.

Mind you, I don't eat marshmallows, but my friends just did right before I bought this book.

I was torn between Koomson's two books, 'Marshmallows for Breakfast' or 'Goodnight Beautiful' and I bought MfB instead because the book's cover was in lilac; which is one of my favorite colors. And when I took this pic, I noticed that it matches my quilt cover too :p

As expected, I am only on page 180 although I've had this book for quite a while. At times I do feel like reading, (like when I decided to buy this book) but most of the time I don't. It's been on my bedside table for almost a week, untouched.

But nevermind, the time will come when I'll pick this book up again. As soon as I finish the second season of Gossip Girl, that is... and I'm almost there.

I got hooked on the show since the first episode of Season 1. Plus I loveee Blair's clothes!


Mrs LVoe said...

oh i have this book but never read it. seems like quit boring :-(

lady of leisure said...

hi calla_lilly,

i dah lama tak baca any books for leisure. is this a good book? who is it by anyways? may be i shud take a peek.

on GG -- OMG, OMG, so so so LOVE blair's ensembles. all of it. preppy but grown-up. i love serena's as well but serena's style is more bohemian. susah nak pull of biut she does it really well. i dah khatam season one. best giler. and i LOVE dan humphreys too!!

calla_lily said...

Mrs LVoe: Book is just alright. hopefully it'll get better towards the middle..

LOLeisure: Hi!! Tula, I don't read so much either, it's actually my first book this year :p It's by Dorothy Koomson, I've read some good reviews about her book 'My Best Friend's Girl' but I'm not so sure abt d others. The story line is a lil slow, but maybe it'll pick up soon.. I hope..
And abt GG, I like Dan too! and his dad's kinda cool as well hehe