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September 25, 2009

Wait A Minute, I Need To Prepare My Checklist!

I was going to write about my purchase at Harvey Norman, but that can wait.

I just applied 2 days leave for next Thursday and Friday for the upcoming ceremony which is just around the corner! Yikes! Time flies!

Anyway, since the office is quiet (it's pretty much empty except for my big boss who is Chinese and another Indian colleague who are around), I thought of taking some time off to drop by at Choffles, a cake shop in Damansara Perdana. The cakes on their website look kinda pretty, so Mr. H, who just got back from Johor yesterday, wants to go check it out. So to Choffles we go.

Some of the other things I need to do before the ceremony:

1. To make an appointment with my dentist on the 1st
2. Mani/pedi on the 2nd - any recommendations for a good and cheap place?
3. To confirm/remind time with the photographer, and those doing my makeup, hantaran, and mini pelamin
4. The caterer will be taken care by my mom

I hope I didn't miss anything.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

September 24, 2009

Raya Purchase!

I've been looking for the perfect one for quite sometime. I did find a few I liked at Harvey Norman, Mid Valley earlier this year, but at that time, I wasn't prepared to splurge on one yet. I did go in a few stores to check out, but nothing really caught my attention. Plus, I was more focused on getting other stuff in my list.

And yesterday, I knew I saw what I wanted, and I got it right away :)

I'll tell you more in my next post :)

September 18, 2009

Raya Greetings

The office is pretty empty today. There are only 14 of us in my department, and half of them are already on leave. And at this moment I am in my L.A.Z.Y mode.
It's only 9:37 a.m. but it feels as though I've been sitting at my desk for a whole day.
Good thing it's Friday, and I have a fairly long lunch break :)

Right now all I can think about is the great spread of food this raya - rendang, lontong, laksa johor, kuah kacang, and everything else (can't be listing it all, it's gonna make me hungry!)

Anyway, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Eid Mubarak.

Selamat Hari Raya.
Maaf Zahir Batin.

September 16, 2009

Oh Dear!

I went to my tailor yesterday for fitting. I made 3 baju kurungs this year. 2 baju kurung modern and 1 baju kurung pesak.

And guess what?
I can't fit in 2 of them! Yikes! I gained 5 kilos for your info over the past 3 months. I thought I was gonna shed a few during this puasa month, but to no avail :(

And to add on that, one of my tops is a pink chiffon, and as I was struggling to get myself into it (in denial that I could actually fit into it,which I did in the end after alot of struggling), I ended up with lipstick and powder marks on the baju!
And to take it off was another problem, even harder actually!
Now I have to get it to the dry cleaners before I get to wear it for raya!!


My tailor will make some alterations and hopefully I can fit into them. I'll be picking up the pieces tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

September 9, 2009

Designer Dilemma

One of the things that would be on your to-do list, 6 months before your wedding is to find that perfect dress.

I know that I've still got ample time... but I have to start somewhere right?

I've started buying the magazine 'Pengantin', surf some blogs and websites, to get some ideas of what I like, what I want and of course, what is within my budget.

I haven't met any designers in person, except for Salleh, from Citra SACC. I've always liked the dresses from Butik Citra, but whether I want to part with my money to get the dresses here is something I have to think about.

I probably need 3 dresses for the ceremony I think, make that 4, including the 'majlis bertandang' but I'm not gonna think about that just yet.

Here are some of the designers that I came across so far. As you can see, I don't have an extensive list :p I haven't really done my homework on this yet and I haven't asked around.
So to those who've had experience or any recommedations, I hope you don't mind sharing!

Butik Citra
Nik Irwan Roseli
Rizman Ruzaini
Zery Zamry
Lynda Rahim
Salikin Sidek (I went to the boutique in SACC, but I wasn't really attracted to any of his designs there, but his price range seems reasonable, anyone knows?)
Hatta Dolmat (I've heard some not so good reviews about working with him, but I really don't know)

Hope you guys can give me a tip or two! Please!
Thanks dearies.

September 7, 2009

2 Weeks to Raya (Which Has Nothing To Do With My Post)

I haven't read the book, but I've heard so many good reviews about it. And that is why, I'm just gonna do it the easy way - just catch the movie (although they say the story line is a bit different, but never mind).

But I have to wait for another month, it's only gonna be out on the 1st of October!

September 3, 2009

Jangan Cha Jangan Cha

I was listening to on the way to work just now and the DJs were talking about Google Translate, something new from Google. So what the DJs did was translate a few English songs to Malay, and sang the malay version on air!

Totally hilarious!

Some of the lyrics that really tickled my funny bone was this!

The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Don't cha
Don't cha
Don't you wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Don't you wish your girlfriend was fun like me
Don't cha (haah aah)
Don't cha

Translation: English > Malay from Google Translate:

Tidakkah kau berharap pacarmu itu panas seperti saya
Tidakkah kau berharap pacarmu adalah seorang aneh seperti saya
Jangan cha
Jangan cha
Tidakkah kau berharap pacarmu itu masih mentah seperti saya
Tidakkah kau berharap pacarmu menyenangkan seperti saya
Don't cha (haah aah)
Jangan cha


September 1, 2009


Mr. H is coming back earlier than planned. 2 weeks earlier that is :)
So he will be in Malaysia for 4 and a half weeks!

He will be touching down at 22:30 this Saturday :)