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September 9, 2009

Designer Dilemma

One of the things that would be on your to-do list, 6 months before your wedding is to find that perfect dress.

I know that I've still got ample time... but I have to start somewhere right?

I've started buying the magazine 'Pengantin', surf some blogs and websites, to get some ideas of what I like, what I want and of course, what is within my budget.

I haven't met any designers in person, except for Salleh, from Citra SACC. I've always liked the dresses from Butik Citra, but whether I want to part with my money to get the dresses here is something I have to think about.

I probably need 3 dresses for the ceremony I think, make that 4, including the 'majlis bertandang' but I'm not gonna think about that just yet.

Here are some of the designers that I came across so far. As you can see, I don't have an extensive list :p I haven't really done my homework on this yet and I haven't asked around.
So to those who've had experience or any recommedations, I hope you don't mind sharing!

Butik Citra
Nik Irwan Roseli
Rizman Ruzaini
Zery Zamry
Lynda Rahim
Salikin Sidek (I went to the boutique in SACC, but I wasn't really attracted to any of his designs there, but his price range seems reasonable, anyone knows?)
Hatta Dolmat (I've heard some not so good reviews about working with him, but I really don't know)

Hope you guys can give me a tip or two! Please!
Thanks dearies.


Nadia Dzai said...

I tau sikit2 je la.

Nik Irwan Roseli - He will work with ur budget, outcome, belum tau, becoz my dress belum siap ;p

Zery Zamry - own material 1.2k and above, without material 2.5k and above, sgt friendly, suke!

Lynda Rahim - For rent, 3.5k sepasang la. :) tp gorjes la!

Salikin Sidek - I pon tak berapa minat dgn his design, but affordable.

Yes, u shud start buy all the magzz!! :D

Baiti Mustafa said...


my frens made their wedding bajus with salikin sidik..and they were gorgeous..

fits like a glove..

calla_lily said...

Nadia: Thanks so much for the tips! Zery Zamry's price range is not too bad..
Mahalnya if nak rent sampai 3.5K! That option will definitely be scrapped out.
I'm thinking about taking a look again at Salikin Sidek, since price dia ok.
If I need other tips, hope u don't mind sharing :)

Baiti: Hi Baiti! I will definitely pay another visit to Salikin Sidek. Thanks for the info :)

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

hey bebeh!
have u tried man kajang?!?!?!
i personally love his workmanship n only he was the one that knows my body cutting...but die tue cam slalu last minute sket...just gv him a visit la tgk kot2 ade design die u berkenan :D

calla_lily said...

LVerde: Tulaa, I've seen his work.. cantik!! But then, betul ke dia ni mulut laser sikit? I dunno, I've read someone's blog who said he was.. But since u did ur baju there n you loved it, I will definitely consider him! Thanks for the tip Verde :)

azu chronicle said...

brape rate salikin?i check wif zamry his price start 2k now ade promo, free workmanship for groom if book in february

calla_lily said...

Hi Azu

Salikin Sidek's rates ranges.. u guna kain sendiri or kain dia?

Starts around 2K..

But staff very friendly.. Senang working with them.