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September 16, 2009

Oh Dear!

I went to my tailor yesterday for fitting. I made 3 baju kurungs this year. 2 baju kurung modern and 1 baju kurung pesak.

And guess what?
I can't fit in 2 of them! Yikes! I gained 5 kilos for your info over the past 3 months. I thought I was gonna shed a few during this puasa month, but to no avail :(

And to add on that, one of my tops is a pink chiffon, and as I was struggling to get myself into it (in denial that I could actually fit into it,which I did in the end after alot of struggling), I ended up with lipstick and powder marks on the baju!
And to take it off was another problem, even harder actually!
Now I have to get it to the dry cleaners before I get to wear it for raya!!


My tailor will make some alterations and hopefully I can fit into them. I'll be picking up the pieces tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


ERMAYUM said...

Makan nasi tomato byk sgt kot heheh
xpala yg penting stay cun and healthy :)

calla_lily said...

Ermayum: Tulaa i think overdose of nasi tomato hehe