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February 24, 2009

Local Taste Buds

I had quite a number of dinner sessions with Mr. H and some with the company of our friends too. Mr. H doesn't get to enjoy authentic Malaysian dishes very often back in the States, so we more or less ate mostly Asian food. Of course, there is Penang Cuisine and other Asian restaurants there, but nothing beats the local feel, of course.

We went to Muhibbah, TTDI - a place where I tend to go to when he's around. I love their fried calamari a.k.a sotong goreng the most. It doesn't taste like it was soaked in oil like some that I've tried at other restaurants. The other dishes are also tasty.
The herbal tea is one of the things you gotta try. I find it just ok, but it seems like at least one person on every table orders it!

Fatty Crab, Taman Megah - ahh.. one of my favorites restaurants. The chilli crab is simply fantastic! I love dipping toast bread into the gravy... hmmmm.. with the company of great friends that night, we had an awesome time. I think we ordered 5 kati of crabs- not sure how much it is in kilos though. Besides that, the other good stuff we had was the fried rice, chicken wings and 'roti bakar' of course!

I brought Mr. H to Ole-ole Bali in Soho KL @ Solaris Mont Kiara to have a taste of Bali. This was my 3rd time eating at this restaurant, well 2nd in Kiara and I went once in Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid. It was a full house that night, and there was a party going on upstairs, so it was rather noisy and the Balinese music they usually play in the background was barely audible. The food didn't dissappoint me as always, although we ordered a bit too much :p

Borneo Rainforest was the other restaurant we tried. This was my first time, and also for our friends too. Food was tasty! And the ambience was pretty nice. Although Mr. H ordered NZ lamb chop there. I think he had enough of Malaysian food by then :p

what was left from the fried calamari I ordered :P

We then decided to check out the club there as well, the band was quite good but the crowd was not to my liking. But all in all, it was a great nite.

Other than that, Mr. H and I also hung out and makan-makan at KLCC, Pavillion & Midvalley. I think I've gained an extra kilo or two during the last 10 days :p



:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owh darlllllll...both my family & my inlaws love MUHIBAH!!! i even had my bday dinner there last 2006 coz its a GOOD food to enjoy wholly! ;) hehehhe...
readg ur entry nie, makes me teringat yg i dah lame gilerrrrrrrrrrr tak makan kat fatty crab...slalu g yg kat serdang tue je

a.k.a lollipop said...

i lovvee fatty crab..hahaha..and it's my family fav as well so senang sebab dekat rumah and the chicken wings..hummm..yummyy =)