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February 11, 2009

When I Spoke to Her Last

This is to update from a entry a few months back about a close friend of mine. What made me write this post, is because I just tried calling her to bring her out for lunch or just talk but she didn't pick up, as always.

She has been avoiding me and a few of her close friends for the past few months. My calls were never answered, my texts were replied a day late, and when I tried to ring her in her office, she's not there. It did worry me many times.
Was she sick?
Is she doing OK?

And a few weeks ago, I finally managed to get in touched with her. I called her office, and she picked up.

Our conversation lasted for about 30 minutes, I told her how hard it was trying to contact her and asked her whether everything was OK, and she spilled it all out, finally.

For those not knowing the story of this good friend of mine, she is married to a divorcee with 3 kids all below the age of 9. This is her first marriage and they've been married for almost 2 years.

I don't know her husband that well, I've only met him twice, but judging by the stories she told before, I'm sure she's having a really tough time.

She told me that her husband doesn't bring her out for dinner, shopping or just any outing to catch up on things. The only outing would be to take his 3 kids out and they never go out just the two of them anymore.

And on top of that, she is not allowed to go out with her friends after work as she needs to be home as soon as possible to cook for the kids. He is always out of town for work, so this has been her routine since the got married. Good thing she has a maid, who cleans the house and looks after the kids when she's at work.

She said it got bad after 6 months being married, when he got more insecure, insensible, and just plain mean. She is not allowed to go out as she please, not even talk on the phone with her friends when she's home. She use to frequent the gym when she was single, but now she can't anymore, as her husband doesn't allow her too. Her visits to see her family is also very rare, because her husband forbids her to. There are alot of other things that she told me and I couldn't help but shed a few tears.

Now that she is heavily pregnant, I just hope she'll be strong for the baby. Eventhough, her husband is not very supportive about her first pregnancy and everything else that he is, I hope she realizes that she's always got her friends and families to support her in any way we can and that I'm just a call away..

I just hope things will get better for her...

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