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February 26, 2009

Burberry Sale

Burberry is having a sale

at Level 3, Bangsar Village II.

It's only for today and it's gonna go on till 8p.m.

There are clothes that range from formal to casual, shoes, wallets, sunnies, belts and handbags too!
I saw a bag that I kinda like - big, black, & leather - it's RM5000 plus, so after less it would be about RM2500.. but I just got myself a lil darling who's not even a few weeks old, and don't intend to splurge anytime yet!!

So for those into Burberry stuff, go check it out!


Mrs LVoe said...

oh too bad dear :-(

Mrs LVoe said...

babe, jadi x pegi aussie this coming march??

a.k.a lollipop said...

i just went there masa lunch tadik..ngeehh =)

calla_lily said...

Mrs LVoe: yes, I'm going to AUS.. but in April - 3rd week to b exact.
u nak pesan fridge magnets rite? :)

Lollipop: hehe not such a big crowd kan..