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February 6, 2009

Bikini Girl

I think she's the much talked contestant - even more after yesterday's failed group performance.

They were even talking about her of this morning.

For me, I can be judgemental and say alot of things about her, with her bikini stunt on her first audition plus the atittude during the group performance last night; but then again, I guess she just wanted to create her own identity on the show - something that everyone would remember..

and I think she did!

And one other thing, I think she has a fabulous figure.. she should try modelling!


Mrs LVoe said...

yeah.. i saw last nite. she so confident.

a.k.a lollipop said...

oh my..minah bikini tuh she is so FAKE but dared to call other girls fake pulak..Drama Queen betul..

Yani Aziani said...


She is a model...
And sometimes when i look at her, she reminds me of YOU!!!

calla_lily said...

Mrs. LVoe - yup, she definitely is.
Lollipop - I know!!! Drama is prolly her middle name
Yani - ohh, i didn't know she is already one. hihi
she reminds you of me? oops.. in a good way I hope ;p