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December 27, 2008

Shoes Galore

I went to Bangsar Village 2 with a few of my friends yesterday.
We had tea at this cafe right in front of Zara. They served their tea in cute English tea cups. I also had their toasted Mozarella Ham sandwich (i had it with honey mustard), and it was really good.

Before adjourning to Starbucks, I decided to peek into Vincci+ and Aldo to see if there's something I like. I have this craze for shoes this month, I've already gotten myself 4 pairs in Tangs & Metrojaya earlier this month... and there I saw it in Aldo, the black heels I couldn't take my eyes off. But the SA told me they didn't have it in my size anymore. Just my luck.
But I told myself that I would wake up early the next morning just to check out the store in Pyramid, just in case they had it there.

And I'm back from Sunway Pyramid, and guess what, I didn't get the particular shoe, but I got 3 other pairs instead!

Molimoa in Dark Brown
Thetford in Black
Tiznit in Ivory

What a great weekend so far :)


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

ghurl...that tiznit is soooo gorgeoussss!!!!
how much is it if u dont mind sharing???

Fynnaz said...

Hi there,

I like that Thetford! Anyway nice blog & Happy New Year to you too!

calla_lily said...

Verde: It's $280...but.... lucky me, it was on SALE! so I got it for half the price. yeayy
Fynnaz: Thank you!

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

huwaaaa...i so wish i can go out n shoppppp!!!
i need sunshine n that tiznit!!!!

heheheh thanx darl for sharing the price ;)