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December 13, 2008


This is my favorite corner (well, it's not really a corner actually) of my room. This was the single seater I got myself at Macy's last month or was it October? This piece I got together with my TV cabinet, which I'm not gonna show now, since I haven't gotten myself a TV yet. My curtains are from Macy too. I think their stuff are reasonably prices and are actually quite nice.
But my favorite store is still Harvey Norman. I got my other stuff for my bedroom here - my bed and bedside tables. If you're into modern contemporary, you can find loads of nice stuff here.

The other thing I need to add in my bedroom (besides a TV) is some art work. I'm thinking of maybe 3 small dark framed ones above my headboard. I haven't made up my mind what yet. But I'm thinking probably flowers.

Maybe calla lilies.

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