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April 15, 2010

I'm craving for them!

Before we leave the country for the States, my beautiful friends treated us to two dinners.. at Opus in Bangsar and then at Fatty Crab, Taman Megah. I was just transferring the pics from my camera to my MacBook.. and I was just thinking to myself how good these crabs are. Goodness. How I wish I can have some NOW!

Thanks guys for the wonderful treat. Anyone knows Fatty Crab's secret recipe? haha Don't we all wish we had it!

I've been cooking just a bit since we got here. Nothing too complicated tho. I'm a newbie remember? Sometimes I just use the packet stuff a.k.a Brahims :p

I made bolognese today. Quite good if you ask me... I used Prego :)

Hubby's coming home soon.



screamingmommy said...

soon u'll be an expert cook..:) all the best dear

ms lollipop said...

fatty crab is my favorite place ever!!

p/s:if you manage to get the recipe blog about it okay..hahahhaa