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March 10, 2009

Ben, Bibik & Marley

Back to work for all of us, after a 3 day weekend.

To have a 3 day weekend permanently sounds great, don't you think?

I know that some manufacturing companies have starting with this, the industry is having a really tough time during the economic slowdown.

If I were to think briefly, I think I would be quite happy if our working days were to be just four instead of five, but then again, if they would take those hours out of our pay:

8 hours x 4 (1 day per week) = 32 hours
For example if pay is $100 an hour - we would have to forgo = RM3200 a month for that extra day of rest.

Worth it? I'll pass. haha. And I wish I earned $100 bucks an hour. My shopping list would definitely grow much longer :p

Anyway, back to my weekend.

Igot a haircut at Kimarie SS2. Good price and good hairstylist. I've been asking Ben to do my hair for the last few times. Quite happy with his service.

I've also got a new bibik a.k.a maid, I couldn't call the previous one bibik since she was about my age.. (I miss Ina!) but this one is in her 40s, so bibik it is. Actually there was another maid I got the weekend before last, but my mom didn't like her and returned her to the agent. She couldn't iron or cook, and she was already asking my neighbour's maid about going out and whether there were construction workers nearby on her first day. (???) Guess my mom knew there was something fishy about her and decided not to take her. We got to know that she took off with the agent's handphone on the very same day! What a nuisance!


I managed to watch Marley & Me with my friends. I'd rate the movie 6 out of 10. Nothing special but very touching! sniff. sniff. Plus I absolutely loveee Jen's hair! Btw, I heard she spent 50,000 dollars on her hair during the Academy's -I flipped through Channel E last nite :p

A scene from Marley & Me


I went for a hour workout at the gym in Lake Club yesterday... finally! I have been a member for 5 years, since I can no longer be going to the club under my parent's membership. My body is aching right now. Well, it has been what.. a year?
So twice a week it is.. or let's just start with once a week first..


Mrs LVoe said...

interesting movie. must check it out.. thanks dear

Nadia Dzai said...

I nak sgt tgk Marley n Me, big fan of Jen! :p

erhh.. asking where construction workers??? Whattt???? ahahah

calla_lily said...

Mrs. Lvoe: Go watch it.. and if you're an emo girl like me.. bring some tissues along! :)
Nadia: Go watch d movie.. Abt d maid.. I knowwww.. how weird is that?? ishh