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March 2, 2009

The Truths & Myths

Patrick Wanis, a human behavior expert and celebrity life coach has identified 10 major perceptions made by women about MEN.

And here are the answers from the expert......

1. Men are not interested in what women have to say – unless it’s about sport, food and sex
False – men do want to know what women have to say –they just are not good at knowing how to communicate with women

2. Men want somebody who is just like their mother
True –but they don’t know it…Although men want to be loved, nurtured and often spoiled, they are subconsciously attracted to women who are similar to their mom

3. Men only think about sex
False - Men do think a lot about sex (generally more than women) but men too, yearn for an emotional connection. When women evolve to place priorities on children and family, the man still wants regular sex

4. He’s spoiling me, so he must have plenty of cash to splash
True and False - Some guys will go into debt to initially impress and win a woman
5. If I sleep with him on the first date, he won’t respect me
True - Men are innately hunters and prize the rare catch. If the woman is too easy to win, he feels she is not so special – even though he may be the one pressuring her to sleep with him.

6. I can change him
False - Women fall in love with a man’s potential and plan to change him for the better and then become despondent when they realize they can’t change him.

7. Men are interested in a woman’s dating history
False –they prefer not to know. The male ego says “I am the first, the best and the only one able to please you!”

8. Men don’t like women who make the first move
True –if they want a long-term relationshipAn apparent contradiction – the male ego is initially stroked and flattered by a woman who makes the first move but he usually gets bored in the long-term because men like to be the hunter –not the hunted.

9. Men prefer “bitches”
False - Some men with low self-esteem choose women who are controlling. Men are, though, attracted to women who know their own mind and are clear about what they want.

10. Men prefer young women
True - Men prefer young women but not for the reasons women think: men are attracted to the women who are young in spirit, playful, take care of their bodies and looks, and still have a passion for life.

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