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March 30, 2009


I am having a horrible day.

I left my painkillers at home, and yes... it's that time of the month, and my cramps are pretty bad most of the time, but thank God, it's tolerable this time round.

My AC adapter for my laptop at home got busted last Saturday. I planned to settle my visa application last weekend, so that didn't happen. And as I was trying to do it just a while ago, right here in my office, there was the pop-up screen regarding the security certificate, and when I clicked - my company blocked and denied access! What the hell? I just don't get our stupid IT policies!

And then there's my senior manager, who thinks I spend my 5 day week in the office only to attend to his tasks. He barged into my room this morning, with no introduction whatsoever, and asked "I check the changes made by IT on our portal just now, why is it like that?" I don't check the portal every 5 minutes on every new change that they've made okayyyy..

I have lots of other pending stuff to do and the portal's aesthetics is the least of my concern for now!

And now I'm in no mood to talk to anyone, and every little thing just pisses me.

I need a happy pill!


Mrs LVoe said...

try take hot tea less sugar dear. its help

calla_lily said...

Thanks for d tip dear