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March 26, 2009

5 Days to April

I need to refrain myself from the temptation to shop!!

I've settled my credit card outstanding amount last night, and I said to myself "Oh myyyyy.. I spend 5 times more than the month before." That doesn't include my purchases in cash and my other credit cards (but I'm pretty sure it's not much, as I seldom use the others. I only keep them for emergency cases!).

So in the coming month of April, I promise myself that I will spend wisely. I talked to Mr. H last night, and he gave me a pep talk on saving and not overspending unnecessarily. I know, I know..
I think I've gotten most of the stuff I need (not my wants, mind you :p).

I've replenished my body pampering stuff at Body Shop, enough makeup supplies to last me for another 2 months at least (my Bobbi Brown compact foundation cepat habis!), I've still got my facial products from the doc, I've already gotten a new quilt cover set, a Bohemia crystal vase as a gift for a wedding next month, and 3 pairs of shoes that I've not even worn yet!
I shall spend my April working on my list on where to go, what to do & what to shop in Melbourne & Cairns :)

I so need this vacay.. 20th April 2009 please come quick!
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Mrs LVoe said...

insyaALLAH 5days more my hubby will coming back. yeahhhh

oh oh btw, congrats for full settlement for cc.

Nadia Dzai said...

i waiting for Aprilll toooo ;) 4th~

calla_lily said...

Mrs. LVoe: Lucky you! Only a few days to go...
Nadia: What's happening on d 4th? ;) April here we comeeeee...