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March 25, 2009

Coming Real Soon

I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts.... and yes it's opening in Malaysia! Heard the first one is opening in Berjaya Times Square sometime in mid April. Right beside Papa John's.

Since these yummy doughnuts will reach our shores for the first time, I bet the queue will be longgggg. Apparently the only ones in South East Asia are in Jakarta & now in KL, Malaysia. Looks like J.Co and Big Apple are gonna have another competitor in town.

Can't wait to grab the glazed doughnuts!

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a.k.a lollipop said...

aahhhh...i just ordered the doughnuts from a filipino friend who is coming back to malaysia..hope she buys it lah..kalu tidak have to wait for it to open here =)


Mrs LVoe said...

y la open kat bjaya times square??? aduhhhh

Nadia Dzai said...

i pon notice aritue! can't wait, but I bukan big fan sangat, ehe suke merase je. :)

calla_lily said...

Lollipop: Wow, sampai order from Phillipines. hehe Well, after this no need to order, we can all get it here! yeayy

Mrs.Lvoe: Heard there's gonna be 20 outlets throughout d country, so I'm sure major shopping malls wld have one.. we just don't know when.. if u find out, inform us k!

Nadia: hehe once in a while doughnuts can do us good :)