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May 18, 2009

Who will be The.....

This week we will witness the much awaited American Idol Finale.

If I were given the chance to vote, it will definitely be Kris!
I don't think he is the best singer ever, but he does acoustic pretty well. And he is CUTE.

I deteste his contender, Adam Lambert.

I can't deny that his vocal range is just unbelievably WHOAA.. but... I just don't like him!
He's a rock singer and I don't dig the way these rockers sing.
That's just it.
I know Adam has a huge number of fans and I just hope the fans of Kris will put in more votes this final straw.
Please, Pretty please!

I like Danny Gokey's voice as well.
His last performance was beautiful. It even made me shed a tear or two. He definitely touched my heart with the song. It's a shame that he didn't make it to the finals, but I guess Paula Abdul's choice of song that same night was just not the song for him.

I am really hoping Kris will win. I never thought he would make it to the finals, since he was always in the bottom 3, but I was wrong. I feel this one-on-one with Adam would definitely be tough for Kris, since Adam's a really strong contestant, but I hope I'm wrong again, and that Kris will make it!

Good luck Kris Allen!

The judges & The top 12..

Kris, I'm in for you!!!!!

I'm gonna get Mr. H to vote for me. If he's in the mood to layan me that is. He doesn't follow the Idols. nyeh.

Adam Lambert :P
* Pics taken from Google Image

1 comment:

Nadia Dzai said...

ehe. i loveee Dannyy.. butt... adam so hot :p