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May 21, 2009

Eye Goodies

I think it's time for me to get a new pair of sunnies.

I do love my Oscar de la Renta very much, but I think it needs a new friend.

I've been wearing a non-branded pair for quite some time now. I can be a little forgetful at times, and there has been cases in the past, where I accidently left my shades in the dressing room and public restrooms. By the time I realize I didn't have them with me and went back to check, they're already gone. These events had happened before and I don't what to loose my Oscar de la Renta!

So with this pair, I never have to worry about loosing them or whatever. But the weird thing is, I've misplaced it a couple of times, but I always find it again. Guess no one is really interested in cheapo sunglasses :p The other thing I like about them, you can bring it to the beach and just stuff them in your bag with your other stuff, and not have to worry about getting the lens scratched. If the scratches get too disturbing, you just get a new one :)

When I was in Australia, I did check out Sunglass Hut. After trying out a number of pairs, I think I have an eye for Tom Ford. I love his designs. Plus they rest well on my nose and ears. On top of that, I think they look good on me too. In my point of view that is, which counts alot. Especially since it comes with a big price tag.

Anyway, here are some of my picks. I haven't decided which one yet. I might just add a few other options to this list later on, but for now here are my favorite few.

Louis Vuitton Gina

I like the way the ear pieces are designed making it look as though its worn upside down it you were to look from the sides. Rihanna is wearing the one in red, I like the one in honey better. Tom Ford has a similar design, Scarlet. I like that one too.


I kinda like this design. Eva Longoria looks gorgeous wearing this. I like how the lense color gradually becomes lighter towards the bottom. Sexy. The frames might look a little big on me, but I haven't tried this one yet to get a feel of the real thing.

And of course, my favorite, Tom Ford's Whitney!

And one of my favorite actresses, Kate Hudson, has a pair too!
*Pics taken from Google Image


Nadia Dzai said...

If me, wearing tudung, ahaha it will look like belalang :D

~LIZA~ said...

i still remember i had this 1 pair which i bought in frankfurt for only 2euro.. tertinggal dlm panggung wayang ok!! *nanges*

calla_lily said...

Nadia: Oversized sunglasses are in. belalang or not, sure ok wan :)
Liza: alaaa takpe2.. another trip to Europe maybe? ;)

snowiffy said...

i had 2 gucci n my favourite nw is DVB yg weird tu. sampai ada org tegur bila tgk i. they said ingatkan i terbalik..anyhow its unique. tu sebab i suke..hehehe

calla_lily said...

Snowiffy: hehe lagi different lagi interesting kan? common ones can be boring sometimes ;) Nak tgk ur DVB....