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May 7, 2009

Please be Careful

As I was driving to work this morning, Traxx FM mentioned there was another snatch theft in KB. The victim was a lady who's 4 months pregnant. Uishh.
This is the 3rd case in 48 hours and all of them did not survive.
What is happening to our country?

With the current economic situation and the increasing number of immigrants in our country, the number of snatch thefts has increased tremendously. Statistics show that there has been an increase of 99% in our capital city which is alarming.

January - March 2009 = 1915 cases
January - March 2008 = 1058 cases

Talking from experience, I was once mugged right in front of the house I rented in mid 2007. The motorcyclists who attacked me had a parang with them and it was at least 12 inches long.

It happened at about 8:30p.m. As I was opening the locks to my front gate, the pillion rider came up to me from behind. I didn't realize at first, not until I felt my bag slipping off my shoulder. I looked back, and I saw this thin man who wore a light yellow T-shirt with a full helmet on. He didn't say a word. I held on my bag, and he pushed me and I fell on the ground.

Still holding my bag, he took out a parang which was so huge I freaked out and released my bag. At that point of time, I thought he was gonna kill me and I was so scared. But I didn't say a word nor did I cry. It happened so fast, then I realized he was back on the bike and I was bleeding. My shirt was soaking with blood and I just screamed on top of my lungs and my parents rushed to get me and my neighbours rushed out. I was crying so bad and my dad had to carry me in the house as I was in a total shocked and I nearly fainted.

After my parents calmed me down, I realized that the guy slashed some skin off the back of my hand, which I assume was when he wanted to cut off the sling of my bag since the parang is very long. The cut was pretty deep but I was glad I wasn't injured elsewhere. I am pretty sure that if I were to retaliate that night and tried to fight for my handbag, I wouldn't have all my limbs still intact as I have today.

The police came over to my house right after, and a little later, my dad drove me to the police station to file a report. Apparently there was another case 10 minutes after the inccident which happened just around the corner of my place. What can I say was that I was just unlucky that night and I was just there at the wrong time. If only I reached my house 5 minutes later, I wouldn't have had to go through what I did.

It was one of the most frightening incidents that had happened to me. And due to this, I didn't go out at night for about 2 months, and I still have a phobia for men on motorcycles until today.

A retiree found my bag somewhere is Sri Aman Secondary School the next day. All my cash, my mobile phones, and my IC were gone. Good thing there was a receipt from my purchases at Cres, Midvalley, and the kind man gave a call to Cres and told them to get in contact with me. My dad and I went over to the good samaritan's home to claim what was left in my bag. My bag was ruined, there were 2 slashes at its sling. They were not jagged and was close to perfect. You can see how sharp the parang was looking how the cuts were made to my leather bag.

My advice to all you women out there, please don't try to fight these thieves, as they are normally armed and will not hesitate to hurt you if they need to. Just let them take your bag, as your life means much, much more!

Take care ladies.


a.k.a lollipop said...

OMG nasib baik you are okay..

mommyashvin said...

Oh dear! It happens in your car porch? Just can't imagine. No safety at all to us @ anywhere. What u says is true. Don't try to fight with them, if it's happen let them take away the bag! our life is more important.
- ur silent reader-

Mrs LVoe said...

glad u r ok dear

Fyewsha said...

i'm a bit shaken up just by reading this post! wow..the incident took place 2 years back, and u wrote in such detail, as if it happened not long ago. thank goodness u r alrite.

it's scary how desperate ppl cn be these days. :(

calla_lily said...

a.k.a lollipop: yup, thank god..
mommyashvin: i didn't manage to open d gate, as i was fidling to find d gate keys.. i had a few things in my hand(bought some pizzas that nite). to avoid these things, we have to be alert at all times. Thanks for following my blog :)
Mrs. LVoe: I'm glad too..
Fyewsha: Yes, I can remember it vividly. I guess when something like this happens to u, u just can't forget. World is a scary place, i agree..