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May 20, 2009

Slumber Land

I went to Metrojaya's Preview Sale for MJ card members. Mind you that I'm not one, I was a member before, but I was too lazy to renew my card after the first year and never did until today. A colleague of mine, a MJ card member, got to know about the sale (thanks to yours truly.. ehem) decided to go and take a look at what's in store, and so we did. We had only an hour - from 1 to 2 p.m. and sacrificed our lunch break to s.h.o.p.

As we only had that short period of time to browse through the anchor store, I decided to just stay put in one department - household. I had a few things in mind, a corner rack/shelf for my bathroom, an artificial plant to go on it, bathroom items and a gift for a colleague of mine who is getting married.

A few other stuff caught my attention, and I didn't get any of the items above. I ended up at the bedding section going through quilt covers, shams, linens, cushion covers, and the likes.

I got myself a Jean Perry Luxury Hotel Collection quilt cover set for 50% off. Only $290 after less. Yeay.

I was tempted to get some aromatheraphy scents and candles to go with my new bedding (I was imagining myself in bed with my new 45o treadcount combed cotton sateen sheets and somehow a new scent seemed pretty tempting) but I knew I had to spend more time, if not I'll end up with something I didn't like.

I'm happy with my new sheets!

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