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May 11, 2009

A Hospital Which Feels More Like Home

Yesterday, I paid a visit to my dear uncle who undergone a leg operation sometime last week. His been doing his physio everyday since the 2nd day of his operation and he was telling all of us how much it hurt to try and walk again. Glad the operation went well and insyallah, and due time, he'll be walking again.

He is now admitted at Seremban Specialist and boy was I impressed with the room. The higher tier rooms are all the names of precious stones, e.g. zamrud, nilam etc. It is more like an apartment if you ask me!

As you enter the room, there is a lounge with a flat screen TV (a small one, probably 21' I think), a bathroom, a kitchenette, and bedroom no. 2 (pretty small, but if fits a single bed which is more than enough, and not a simple plain single bed, mind you). The patient's room is practically another room on its own, as there is another huge door that separates the room from the lounge, and that room has a 3 seater sofa, a poof on one side and another 2 piece furniture on the other. It has a 32' flat screen TV and there's a dressing table too! Oh yes, an its own bathroom of course.

It's not like a typical hospital room with plain white walls, but nicely decorated with pastel wallpapers. Although it's not really to my liking as I'm a minimalist when it comes to interior decorations, I can't deny that the room or more like suite is homey and you really don't feel like you're in a hospital, (except for the hospital bed of course!) I've not been to many hospitals, so maybe it's pretty normal for rooms a tier higher to have this sort of arrangement, but I was impressed!

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