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May 8, 2009

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

One of the things we didn't wanna miss during our trip was the drive on Great Ocean Road. We made a few stops but one of the famous ones is non other that the Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell.

The Twelve Apostles are a collection of limestone stacks off the shore of the Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Their proximity to one another has made the site a popular tourist attraction. Originally the site was called the Sow and Piglets. Muttonbird Island near Loch Ard Gorge was the ‘Sow’ and the smaller rock stacks the ‘Piglets.’[1] The name was changed in the 1950s to the more majestic "The Twelve Apostles" to lure more visitors even though there were only nine left.
The Twelve Apostles are between the towns of
Port Campbell and Princetown on the Great Ocean Road. In the early 2000s a visitor centre was built on the inland side of the road to allow for easy parking and access to the best viewing area.[2] Helicopter rides around the formations are also available.

The view of the limestone stacks is simply beautiful. We were there at about 5:30 p.m. (about an hour before sunset). Great Ocean Road is one of Australia's great coastline scenic drives and it's a must for you to experience if you're heading to Melbourne.
It takes around 4 hours or more (depending on how long you spend during each stop). Bring a fully charged camera with a huge memory card as you would definitely be snapping away - mine is a 2GB, some sandwiches, titbits and drinks (in case you want to munch during the drive), and you're good to go. Oh yes, if you have a GPS it would be much easier, if not a map of Victoria would suffice. I had both with me :)

The 12 Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

an hour before sunset

The other stop we took along the way, was at Loch Ard Gorge.

I love Great Ocean Road!


Nadia Dzai said...

I noticed one thing, everyone pegi Oz, sume mesti ade gamba ocean plus batu :p

Mrs LVoe said...

nice view..

where's ur firdge magnet dear? did i missed out?

Betty A. said...

masa I pegi GOR..tak singgah pon Loch Ard Gorge nih...that time x sempat..sbb dh ptg..i'd travelled from 8am..ehehhe

calla_lily said...

Nadia Dzai: hehe it's a must!
Mrs Lvoe: on d way...
Betty A.: The guy at d car rental told me that Loch Ard Gorge is a must.. so d earlier ones (Lorne etc.), we stopped sekejap je..