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October 8, 2008

Zit Attack

Since a couple of months ago, around April to be exact, I've been getting zits every other day. And right after my trip to the States in May, I came back with more spots! I'm thinking it had alot to do with the weather too, since I was in NY then DC which was quite chilly and then down south to Florida, which was very hot!
I tried to used an old remedy recommended by my mom - the calamine lotion. It did dry up my pimples, but it didn't stop the others from appearing.
So after a month, I decided to visit the skin doctor. Not a dermatologist this time, but an anaesthetist and anti-ageing consultant, who knows a great deal about skin disorders and also works magic to make his patients more youthful. A number of well known celebs have been loyal patients to my doctor, who has a clinic just 10 minutes from Bangsar.
I've had 4 treatments so far, all totalling to RM1750. Although it's quite a big amount for me, I'm quite satisfied with the results. My acne has lessen and my skin is so much smoother. All I need now is a few more sessions to clear up the hyperpigmentation due to all that acne I had a few months back.

Wish me luck.

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