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October 16, 2008

Overdose of Calamari

For the last 3 meals I had(excluding today's breakfast, that is), I didn't fail to include fried calamari a.k.a sotong goreng tepung in the menu.
Dinner on Tuesday at Italiannies, The Curve;
Lunch at Santai TTDI &
Dinner at Muhibbah TTDI yesterday.
Between lunch and dinner yesterday, Mr. H and I went to OU to catch 'House Bunny'. Quite entertaining for a dumb blonde movie. While waiting for the 6:45 p.m. show, we had some Big Apple donuts to fill our not so hungry tummies and later did some reading and book shopping at MPH. I also tried to look for this particular black flats I like at Nose, but they were all sold out.

It was nice to spend the last few days with Mr. H before he heads back to to the States. I'm gonna miss him.

This is Tyson's Corner, a mall we frequently visited since it's just 10 minutes from his house. Oh how I miss shopping in the States. You can never get enough of it.

And Johnny Rockets - my favorite place to have cheeseburgers. I had this thing for cheeseburgers during my last trip. Mr. H and AA were dragged by me for cheeseburgers every now and then. I enjoyed the food there too, Subway's pasrami sandwich (they don't have it here),funnel cakes, French food, Chinese,Thai, Vietnamese and many more and not to forget Malaysian too. I think I went to over 5 different Malaysian restaurants in the East Coast while we travelled.

The 3 things I love in life - shopping and food! And of course, Mr. H's company :)

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