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October 29, 2008

Baby Girl

I received two smses from the new mommy and also another friend saying than Missy Elles has just delivered.

And it's a girl.

And you know what's weird? I feel like I wanna be a mommy too. I know I'm not even married yet, but the thought of being a mommy seems nice.

Pink frocks with matching socks and shoes and not to forget flowered hairclips. I know I'm gonna go crazy with the pretty stuff you can get for baby girls.

Congratulations again to the new mom & dad :)

On a different note, Missy Fawa is having trouble with her pregnancy. And her husband hasn't been very supportive throughout this crucial period.
I haven't gotten the chance to talk to her yet though, a mutual friend of ours told me she's not doing well and would need all the friends in the world to give her support. The last email I got from Missy Fawa was last Wednesday, telling me about her pregnancy and I knew I had to help in any way I can.

Since Missy Fawa got married, she has been busy with work and mending the house with 3 kids (she married a guy who has 3 kids from his previous marriage).
Now she is 4 months pregnant and the baby isn't doing very well. The baby's heartbeat is very weak and he or she is physically very small.

I've been trying to call her last weekend but she did not answer any of my calls. She texted me last night though, saying that she was discharged from the hospital on Saturday and that she has lots to update me. I answered her sms telling her that we should do lunch one of these days but she didn't reply.
She's probably not ready to tell me everything yet or for whatever personal reasons she might have, but I really hope she's handling this situation well.

I want to call her again. But I'm not sure whether it is the best thing to do now, since I don't want to be pushing it too much.

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