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August 22, 2009

Work is Still Part of My Agenda

I am spending the first day of Ramadhan at home. The weather is cool and wet, just perfect to cool down the hot climate of ours. A perfect way of starting this holy month. Amin.

Last Saturday, the last weekend before the fasting month, I made a trip to the mall with the focus on just getting work clothes. I am still working and I need clothes, so I am not spending unecessary (I'm trying to make myself feel less guilty of shopping) :p

I managed to get myself a few items at G2000. In specific, 5 shirts and 2 pants. I'm happy with the amount I had to pay thanks to the sale. If they were not on sale, the total bill would have come up to RM1822. Money well spent! I haven't been doing any impusive buyings even though its the Mega Sale season (although it can be veryyy tempting), but so far, I'm doing just fine.
I only planned to get some shirts and pants, so that was done. After that, I got hungry and decided to treat my mom at Charms, and we got on the wrong floor, and I saw Cuffz, and you guessed right, I walked in. I've been to the store in BSC but that was my first time in One Utama. And the cufflinks were on SALE. All of them had a 30% discount from the normal price.
And I decided to grab these two.

For moi.

And one for Mr. H. Or should I just keep it for myself? hehe

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