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August 17, 2009

Birdie on the 72nd

History has just been created! The first Asian born to win the PGA Tour!

I'm no fan of golf but I do understand the game. Nothing more than that. Mr. H loves golf, and so he called me this morning to inform me that Y.E Yang won! It was a big surprise as it was a 3 shot margin of victory over Tiger Woods.

PGA Championship
Round 4 - last updated 8/16/2009

1 Y.E. Yang -8 F -2
2 Tiger Woods -5 F +3
T3 Lee Westwood -3 F -2
T3 Rory McIlroy -3 F -2
5 Lucas Glover -2 F +2

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Real Woman said...

owh my hubby was overly excitd too when Yang beat Woods! Me not into golf too but quite happy to hear an asian made it there. If only he's a msian. Hmm...

calla_lily said...

Real Woman: Yes! Way to go Asians!!