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August 18, 2009

Oh Why BB Why?

Something's wrong with my BB.

I noticed it last Sunday when a few calls that came in and the ones I made were interrupted by this annoying sound (the same sound you get when you're on the line and there's another phone nearby), but this time it is a constant sound with a 5 second pause in between. It went on for 5 minutes and the phone just went dead.

I thought it was my battery at first, but it happened again yesterday and today. All calls can't be more than 5 minutes, then my BB will just turn off. i tried reinserting my battery and SIM, but the same problem persist.

Since Sunday, I told Mr. H to call me on my fixed line at home and at the office, so I guess this 012-2010xxx I'm carrying can't be something I can rely on for now; until I figure out what's wrong with my BB. Good thing I have my 019 active - my good ol' office cellphone.

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Nadia Dzai said...

buyyy a new phone! ;p

calla_lily said...

Nadia: If only money grows on trees!