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August 20, 2009

I Can Hear It Growl

I am fasting today.

I didn't have anything for sahur except some leftover chicken crackers from yesterday and a bottle of mineral water.

I am so hungryy! There was a farewell breakfast for a Senior VP that will be retiring the end of this month and a steamboat for lunch for the ones involved in the preparation of an assessment held last week (that includes me). Quite hard to resist the temptation, but proud to say, I am still holding on!

Now I'm thinking of what to have for buka, nasi with lauk or fast food. Burger King maybe? I'm a sucker for the Black Pepper burger and the Whopper. At this point of time, everything seems delicious.

Ok, ok enough about food. Let me get back to work. The best distraction over food!


:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

haiyaaaa cracker wonder u lapar honey!
eat proper sahur la...
but well done on successfully resisting the temtation :)

calla_lily said...

Itulaa.. malas nak bangun, that's why.. I'll make sure I eat proper sahur this Ramadhan :)