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August 17, 2009

Up, up and Away

The movie I find really cute is 'Up' and it will finally reach our shores this weekend. Yeay!

Although I try to refrain myself from being in any enclosed area with alot of people as much as I can i.e clubs, cinemas, I'm still planning to catch this; wearing a mask of course. I'm a little paranoid with the swine flu pandemic. Every cough and sneeze gets my attention now (including my own).

I bought a bunch of masks from Guardian MV; I heard it's out of stock now last weekend. I'm not sure when they plan to get them restocked. Anyway, just a precaution and to be on the safe side. Better safe than sorry right?

I'm at the office now and I can't wait to leave work. 3/4 of the office are out for audits, courses and some are on leave.

Speed up oh dear time!

Pics taken from Google Image

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