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August 10, 2009

It's Been A While

It's another Monday again, and official working hours are almost over.

The haze is pretty bad these days, I'm surrounded by friends with the cough & cold.. the thought of the swine flu does scare me sometimes! As a precaution I bought some head masks, just the cheap ones, I got 10 pcs for 11 bucks at Guardian Pharmacy. I haven't gotten the urge to wear it yet, but the fact that I have them handy somewhat makes me feel better :p

I went to watch the Tun Mamat theatre at Dewan DBKL. Yes, a bangsawan theatre. So unlike me, but I decided to join the clan since my grandma was given VIP seats that night :p

The main casts were:
Ashraf Muslim
Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan
Sabrina Ali

It was the first time I got to know about Ashraf (sorry, I'm not really into the local movie scene). He's cute, and friendly too. He sat with us over supper (we were served supper after the show).

Anyway, after that my cousin and I decided to hang out at Carlo's in Pavillion. The place is quite nice, but the crowd is not really to my liking. Perhaps because we encountered some weird people there. Other that that, I like the music! They played house!!

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