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June 9, 2009

Me No Likey The Weather

It is so hot in Malaysia right now, that I'm so missing the weather in Melbourne. The land where a U-turn is a "u-ey", breakfast is a "brekky' and McDonald's is "Mackers". I wonder why they don't call McD's "McKey's"?

I try and stay indoors with full air-conditioning these days. Oh Mother Earth, what has happened to you? Btw, I am using the Panasonic Envio at home which is earth friendly :)

Anyway, Melbourne is one of my favorite cities in the Land Down Under. I absolutely love the weather. Sydney is too busy for me and.... hot! eventhough the last time I was there it was the end of summer.

We rented a Camry especially for our trip to the 12 Apostles. You don't need a car otherwise, the tram is convenient if we plan to go a lil out from the city. Everything else was in walking distance from where we stayed. Our apartment was in Lil Lonsdale, right in the CBD (Central Business District). Shopping, night life, and everything else is there. But of course, besides the city, you need to discover other places too, and Chapel St. and Vic Market is not something to be missed :)

When I was there, the Comedy Fest was on. I took the oportunity to check out one of the night comedy shows to see some talents performed. The talents were from all over the world. Bo Burnham from the US of A really impressed me!

I managed to check out the Anzac Day Parade at Federation Sq. Anzac Day is celebrated in Australia & New Zealand.

In St Kilda

And something I never miss in any of my Melbourne trips, is fish & chips! The best in Melbourne would be in St. Kilda. Just a tram ride away from CBD. It would take you about 30 minutes to get there.

I can't remember the restaurant's name though :p but it's just beside San Churro. Everything is so fresh! Btw, San Churro has the best hot chocolate here. They even have chocolate tapas! There are a few branches of San Churro around; even on Swanston, so don't miss the fish and chips and San Churro's if you're planning to head down to Melbourne!


AJ said...

Hye dear...

The apartment u stayed in Melbourne, was it a service apartment?

Am going thr this Nov. Haven't found accommodation...

calla_lily said...

Hi AJ,
No it's not. It's a self contained apartment with a choice of a studio, one bedroom, or 2 bedrooms apmt. I stayed in the 2 bedroom superior. Reasonable size for 4.
Check out their website at this address:

:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

owh...insyaallah if ade rezeki i would like to g to melbourne...n i definitely will liase with u on as the tour guide!

calla_lily said...

Sure Verde. When u plan to go, just inform me ;)