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June 2, 2009

It's Raining.... coconuts??

Notice the bump on my car?

I only noticed this when I was about to get in the car to leave from work yesterday.

And there it was. It was much bigger than a man's fist, more like two.

It can't possibly be made by a bike or a car who took off the moment he/she hit me, because the location of the bump was a little too high, very near to the boot.
Maybe someone was mad at me or for some reason , and wanted to get even with me by doing this? Maybe he/she did it with a steering lock or a golf club?

I was pretty pissed but I knew it couldn't be it.

Then I remembered that on my way to Baskin Robbins the other day, I did hear a loud sound like a knock as I was driving, and I thought I hit something; like a big brick or pipe. I pulled over at a gas station (about 50 meters from where it happened), but my car was just fine. I checked all my four tyres, as I thought one of it bursted or something.(I don't know the sound of a bursting tyre, but it just crossed my mind that it could be that). The sound was pretty loud, but I guess I was too focused on finding something wrong at the bottom of the car and I didn't look around to check the other parts of the car. Plus, Baskin Robbins was already calling me :P

So on the way back home yesterday, I followed the same way I took and my guess was right.
There was a medium-size coconut tree right by the road where I heared the loud knock during the incident.

If only I was 5 seconds early or 5 seconds late, the coconut would have missed my car.

Anyways, I guess these things happen and I'm not gonna fret about it.

But if it were to happen to my DB9 (I don't have one, it's just my dream car), I would.

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