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June 5, 2009

Good Manners Should Be Taught In School

I have an appointment with my derm after work today.

I had some questions for my doctor on the treatment I plan to do and gave a quick call to his clinic just now. And as always, I would have to go through the receptionist. The thing is, I don't like her.

I told her I wanted to talk to him but she insisted to know what I wanted to ask about and asked me 1 question after another. And the way she talks is so irratating!

A blabbermouth. Full stop.

I like the one who worked there before, a Filipino. Very pleasant and polite. I have nothing against the person's race, but this Indian lady has spoilt my day before, and she just did it again!

I'm still going there because I am satisfied with my doctor's services. He is this nice, well-mannered Indian man in his mid-40s. Very cultured, nothing like his receptionist. I am so waiting for the day she quits!


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