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June 8, 2009

The Day I Dread Is Already Here

Monday. The least favorite day of the week for me, and probably for most of us who has to work.
I left my house at 7:35, a little late than usual. I normally leave about 7:28 to make it just in time for work and to secure myself a parking space (I have no designated lot, you see).

After driving about 5 minutes, I realized I didn't have my office keys with me. Upset at myself for being so gatal to change my handbag (the keys were in my other bag I brought to work last Friday) and turned back. I rushed in the house, grab my keys, and got in the car again. It was already 7:42. I start work at 8, and there I was thinking to myself that I won't be able clock in in time. What a bad start of the worst day of the week.

To my surprise, with my usual driving speed I made it in time. In fact, I clocked in at 7.55 a.m.

Thank god for the school holidays.

I guess today is not gonna be a bad day after all.


Mrs LVoe said...

time school holiday plg best. jalan lengang je.

calla_lily said...

Tulaa.. next week start jam balik.. urghh