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June 3, 2009

I Shall Continue From Where I Left Off

I have this habit of buying fictions but not finishing it till the end. I will read a few chapters (you know the excitement of getting a new book), but if it gets a bit too boring, it's rightful place would be right there on my bookshelf. That was what happened to this book I had by Koomson's. I read some good reviews about it and decided to purchase it, but I guess the book didn't really catch my attention.

I bought another book, 'Sisters' by Danielle Steel, and that one I finished in a day and a half.
It was a good book. I would recommend this book to you ladies :)

And the most recent one, I got from Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne. I bought it for 20 Aussie Dollars. 2 books in 1 - in paperback. Both by Lauren Weisberger. Good deal right? It was suppose to accompany me on my 8 hour flight back home.

And it did.. although I only read 3 chapters of 'The Devil Wears Prada' on the plane.
I spent more time sleeping :p We took the late night flight, so it was my normal sleeping hours anyway.

I got the book off the shelf yesterday (after it has been on my bookshelf for almost a month) and plan to do some light reading tonight. I enjoyed the movie and I think I'll enjoy this. About the other novel 'Everyone Worth Knowing' - I'll keep you updated. One novel at a time.

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