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July 31, 2009

Torn between Italy and France

I can be very indecisive when making decisions.

And when it comes to choosing between these 2 options, I'm stuck again.

Option 1: Acca Kappa
This brand name that hails from Italy has been around for decades and I've been wanting to try their products since I got to know about it.

I haven't sampled the Hibiscus range yet, but I'm so tempted to! I've got a kenduri in Seremban this weekend, but maybe I'll make time to swing by KLCC or Pavillion to check their on it. How does hibiscus smell like? I'm so curious!

I'm imagining it to be sweet and fresh... but I could be wrong.. I so wanna try? The Wisteria range is another one that I wanna try...

Option 2: L'occitane
This is a more familiar brand since we have a number of stores here in Klang Valley. I've tried a few of their products before and I have no complaints. I like it.

I went in their store again yesterday in MV, and tried the Peach Blossom range and also Lavender. I like it!!
A plus point for Lavender is that is has quite a number of products; ranging from body lotions to scented candles :) Very tempting.

And the Peach Blossom is sweet and fresh. Pretty in peach color too.

Acca Kappa or L'occitane?

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