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July 7, 2009

Weekend With The Family

My initial plan was to take last Friday off, but since my colleagues decided to have my ex-VPs farewell tea that day (she was only available that day), I cancelled my plan. After work, packed my stuff and head down to PD with my parents. We had a big family gathering from my dad's side of the family. Almost all my dad's siblings were there including my uncle who is working in Dubai.

My grandma (from my mom's side) called me earlier that day, and wanted to treat me for dinner. Since we were heading to PD, she decided to meet us at PD Yacht Club (it was my birthday and this was really an impromtu thing). My parents & I checked in at the apartment and straight to Yacht Club to meet my grandma. My birthday is not a big hype for me especially at this age, so yeah, we had a small celebration. We left KL at 730p.m, so it was a bit of a rush with the traffic and some construction work, but my grandma insisted so we went anyway. I got an evening bag from her. I don't have many, I normally borrow them from my mom, so now I have a gold one to add to myvery small collection :)

Thanks Tokmak!

We had brunch the next day at the club as well, don't know any good restaurants in PD, so as always the default would always be to the nearest club. That's my favorite fruit drink - honeydew.

It was great to spend the weekend with the family (I don't do this often, ya know). There were approximately 26 of us, ranging from 84 years old - my grandfather to lil cousin Faiz who is 2 1/2 years old. More birthday songs for me and cake cutting from daddy's side of the family this time :)

Thank you all for making my day :)

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Fynnaz said...

Happy belated birthday! =)