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October 12, 2009

Cruise or No Cruise

What was suppose to be a cruise around Putrajaya lake, became a tour around Putrajaya city :p

--- On the final day before the delegates left, an arrangement to go on a cruise around Putrajaya was done by the Secretariat of the meeting. My colleague and I decided to take her car instead of going on the bus for no reason actually. Sajer jer.

So the bus went off first, we left Bangsar about 15 mins later by car - in her 335i, thinking we would be able to catch up with them in no time. But luck wasn't on our side even at the start of the journey and we couldn't find the new highway. The highway was suppose to take us to Putrajaya fast (I can't remember the name of the highway though) but we lost our way and we took the Sungai Besi highway instead.

And to add to that, a colleague of mine (who was already in Putrajaya) gave us wrong info, saying that we were to meet at the mosque in Precint 4, which in actually fact was Precint 1. It was actually the lake right smack in the center of Putrajaya; at the mosque and PM's office - a VERY important detail he forgot to tell us.

So we went round Putrajaya trying to find a mosque at Precint 4. The GPS didn't help much, since we didn't have any details whatsoever, except for Precint 4. No street name, no landmark, no POI (Points of Interest).

And so we spent 1/2 hour going around Putrajaya by land instead of by water like the others. What a day. We managed to find the lake at about 20 minutes before the cruise was over.

Cruise or no cruise, we had fun going on our very own treasure hunt :p

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