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October 16, 2009


It is the best day of the week, because in a few hours, it will be the weekend!

And today is a special day for me since it was my very first time trying nasi kukus!

It was a spur of the moment kinda thing actually. The initial plan was to eat at Nirwana Maju, since it has been a while since I had this good sinful meal. But my colleagues and I ended up at this kedai nasi kukus right above the Bangsar Village basement parking (not the one adjoining the mall, but the one that has a few rows of stalls above it).


Here's the story:
After we found a parking spot, we were so hungry we were talking about food :p As as we were babling about food, food and food, my colleagues and I changed our minds to eat at 'kedai panas' instead. It's not the name of the place, but it's what I call it :p It serves good western food for very cheap. 10bucks for grilled chicken with sidelines in Bangsar. Cheap right? But of course, since it's not in an airconditioned building, so it can be pretty hot at midday. Hence, the 'kedai panas' name :p

As we walked pass a few stalls at the area, we changed our minds (again!). It was because of the aroma of seasoned chicken/ayam rempah from another stall. It was sooooo tempting. And this time we made up our minds to try the nasi kukus and ayam rempah instead!

The nasi kukus and ayam rempah was something we didn't regret. Simply delicious!

And the heavenly meal, we adjourned to BVII. My colleague wanted to check something out at L'occitane. While she was at it, I got something for myself too. Not at L'occitane, but at Haagan Daz! I tried the limited edition flavour. I think the name was berries & cream.

Gosh, I think I weigh a tonne now :p

I am so loving Friday! :)


Nadia Dzai said...

wah nampak sedap, ni kedai2 area BV11 tu ke? or stall?

calla_lily said...

Not in BVII, but opposite it.. one of the stalls... sedappppp